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Yaki bun (steamed and baked cloud buns) with spicy miso aioli and nori sesame butter     ・420

Blackened cauliflower florets, crispy rice, herbs and a chili lime vinaigrette    ・870

Miso glazed eggplant, tender broiled eggplant brushed with a sweet and savory miso glaze   830

Caesar lettuce mixed lettuce with nam pla aioli dressing, croutons, soft-boiled egg and parmesan   850

Seared red tuna tataki with black sesame on beet carpaccio with halloumi cheese, lime yogurt and ginger carrot crème    1870

Japanese cabbage steak roasted and boiled cabbage seasoned with tobanjan sauce, raw tahini and sesame seeds    ・850

Chicken gyoza (5 pieces) seared dough dumplings filled with chicken   890

Gold mushroom dumpling  (5 pieces) black seared dough dumplings filled with seven types of mushrooms and topped with a slice of truffle mushroom    1150

Black tiger popcorn shrimp in tempura with chili yuzu aioli    ・1650

Sweet, sour, numbing, and spicy chicken in black Chinese vinegar, honey and Szechuan peppercorns    920



Ramen from beef broth with ramen noodles, sliced beef, soft-boiled egg, spring onion, shimeji mushrooms and wakame seaweed    1970

Tom Kha Goong like "Tom Yam Soup" but with our coconut milk, shrimp, rice noodles, mushrooms, onions, cherry tomatoes and coriander   1530

Butter chicken (or tofu) with cherry tomatoes, fenugreek, ghee, curry leaves and sour cream    1470

Drunk pasta with slow-cooked beef, fresh pasta in red curry beef broth, spinach and shimeji mushrooms   1580

Chicken teriyaki skewers green curry, casserole, cherry tomatoes, basil, zucchini and coriander with jasmine rice   1570

Miso salmon, salmon fillet in sweet miso with stir fried spinach and jasmine rice    2550

Sea bream fillet with round rice in yellow curry, onion and shimeji mushrooms    ・2390

Shrimp in a tom yum sauce with mushrooms, spring onion, cherry tomatoes and coriander with jasmine rice    ・2590

Pork spareribs in a spicy Asian-style barbecue sauce on crunchy sweet potato and seared bok choy    1670



Sea bream in brown butter fillet of sea bream in a crispy shell, brown butter, stir-fried rice with traditional Japanese seasoning, roasted asparagus and japanese mushroom salad ・2530




Philadelphia smoked salmon, cucumber, and cream cheese, topped with avocado and chives    1290

California shrimp tempura, avocado and cucumber wrapped in tobiko, with chives and Japanese-style mayonnaise    1230

Maguro avocado, cucumber, spicy tuna and lime wrapped in red tuna with Japanese mayonnaise and orange tobiko 1490


Typhoon salmon skin, sweet potato in tempura and cucumber wrapped in seared salmon, teriyaki mayonnaise and crispy sweet potato  1420

Shrimp tempura, sweet potato and cucumber coated in tempura flakes with teriyaki sauce   1190

Spicy tuna chopped tuna with spicy mayonnaise and cucumber wrapped in toasted black sesame    1170

Sake salmon and avocado in black sesame wrapping  970

Dragon shrimp tempura, sweet potato and cucumber, topped with avocado, with Japanese-style mayonnaise sauce and orange tobiko    1290


Double combination #1 (41 pieces)

Crazy roll, Rock n’ roll, Tempura sandwich, 

Temari sea bream nigiri, California, Shrimp tempura7950

Double combination #2 (42 pieces)

Crispy sesame, Crunchy tartare roll, Funky roll, King salmon nigiri, Philadelphia, Spicy tuna8350

Angry monk experience (86 pieces)

All our amazing signature rolls and some surprises19950


Crazy roll salmon, cucumber, cream cheese
and chives wrapped in seared salmon with masago aioli (Japanese-style mayonnaise and tobiko) and topped with a crispy beet flakes

Crispy sesame (5 pieces of futomaki) red tuna, salmon, sea bream, shiitake and sweet potato topped with crunchy sesame with teriyaki and wasabi crème    1480

Rock n’ roll spicy salmon, avocado, and rock shrimp (cubed shrimp with a crunchy coating) with yuzu chili aioli 1670

Golden roll salmon and avocado wrapped with salmon and cheddar cheese, almonds flakes, sichuan teriyaki and carrot ginger cream    1520

Shanghai roll sea bream tempura, avocado, kampyo, sweet potato and arugula wrapped in cucumber leaf, citrus teriyaki and funzo yuzu sauce    1490

Crunchy tartare roll asparagus, avocado and chives wrapped in masago arare and topped with salmon tartare and nori tempura flakes   1620

Funky roll sea bream, avocado and kampyo wrapped in salmon, pickled chili and tuna tartare    1680

Lemon twist sea bream, kampyo and chives topped with sea bream and tempura herbs with lemon brûlée and beet crème 1690

El monje roll tuna, cucumber and chives wrapped in tuna, mango and pineapple tartare, teriyaki and fried leeks 


Salmon cake (oshizushi-pressed sushi) salmon skin and avocado topped with seared salmon, Japanese mayonnaise and ikura (salmon caviar)    1530

Tempura sandwich 4 pieces of onigiri (a triangle sandwich): salmon, avocado and cheddar cheese fried in tempura with teriyaki and green onion   ・1420


Chocolate Fudge

Hazelnut and almond tuile covered in nougat ice cream, over a rich chocolate fudge    790


Crème brûlée

Layers of crème brûlée semifreddo, crispy puff pastry tuile, cherry and raspberry sauce    720


Crack pie

A sticky, buttery, salty-sweet filling in a hearty oat cake crust with fresh cream and salted caramel    690



Crisp kadaif filled with paneer cheese, soaked in a sweet lime syrup, topped with pineapple sashimi, pistachios and pistachios fresh cream    690




Queens Park Swizzle Angry Monk Rum Mix, mint, 

lime, sugar, bitters    870

Negroni Bombay Sapphire, Campari, red Vermouth 830

Last Word Tanqueray No.10 , lime,  Green Chartreuse, Maraschino    850

Margarita Patron Silver, lime, Cointreau    ・1170

Penicillin Jonnie walker black, Compass box "Peat Monster" ,Lemon, Ginger,Honey ,Bitters  820

Old Fashioned Whiskey of your choice, sugar, bitters, more bitters    ・Choose your spirit

50-50 Sazerac Hennessy, Rye Whiskey, sugar, bitters, Absinthe    920

Singapore Sling Bombay Sapphire, lime, cherry Brandy, ginger-pineapple foam    ・870

Sidecar Hennessy Cognac, Cointreau, lime juice, rock candy    ・930



Daiquiri Bacardi Carta Blanca, sugar, lime, hard work 730

Hotel Nacional Angry rum mix, Apricot brandy, Lime, Pineapple,Hony 830

Dry Martini Your choice of Vodka or Gin, garnish, shaken or stirred    ・Choose your spirit


Is it Safe? Chili and lemongrass vodka, passion fruit, pineapple, lime, honey    970



Jungle Bird #2 Angry Monk rum · cacao infused campari mango · Chinese cinnamon · honey    950



Break an Egg Citrus infused vodka, strawberries, lemongrass-honey, lemon, sichuan pepper, pink pepper 980



The Last Geisha Gin · cherry amaretto · pineapple juice · lime juice · salted almonds    970

Dominique De Coco · Bacardi carta blanca,  Angry coconut concoction, Pineapple · Cinnamon essence    1130

Holly Smoke· Cognac, Rye whiskey, Angry amaro mix,Red vermouth blend, Bitters, Smoke    1190


Lick the Frog Patron Silver, green apples, citrus honey, lime, elderflower liquor, macha dust    1270

Red Ceremony Hibiscus-licorice infused rum, grapefruit, merlot jam    1100

Butterfly Effect Homemade aquavit, geranium honey lime, grapefruit, pineapple, bitters    970

Yes We Can Glenmorangie 10, melon, toasted rice, green tea, sesame, wildflower liquor​    950

Mr.Pink  Bombay sapphire gin, Raspberries, Ginger, Lemon,  Mandarin liquor​, Japanese bitters 1230

ZU-YU ZU-ME Gin, Yuzu, Mandarin orange, Lemon, Citrus sherbet​ 1080

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